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How do I choose which class is best for my child?

Up to the age of 6 classes are specially designed for ages 2 to 5 years after that there are several styles of dance to choose from to suit and something to fit everyone's interest.

Once pupils turn 6 years old they may choose the following options: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Tap or Musical Theatre. Generally speaking if you have a child who is keen on Ballet or expresses no particular preference just loves to dance then our recommendation would be BALLET. Ballet is the best place to start as it provides basic technique for all other dance forms. For 7 year olds Primary ballet is a wonderful program as it retains the fun and energy that children need.  They're not yet using the Ballet Barre so it's not as "serious" as you may be thinking. Primary Ballet really relates the best to the childlike whimsical nature of younger students. Also it is very easy to learn Modern Jazz Tap once you studied Ballet. The reverse switching from Jazz, Modern to Ballet can much harder once they reach age 11.Having considered all the above you should take into account your child's preferences.


How do you determine which level of class is right for each pupil?

During each term the team of staff meet and discuss each child and make sure they are in the right class for their ability. Great time and care is taken to consider each pupils progress and proficiency. We know that self-esteem can only grow when a pupil is able to feel comfortable to succeed. One of the benefits of dancing at our school is that we have many classes to accommodate any skill level and age. Our goal is to ensure that your child will have a positive, exciting and challenging dance experience.


How can I be sure my child will get the attention they need?

Firstly our classes are limited based on the age range and discipline being taught. We do turn Pupils away when the class is full and place them on a waiting list.

Secondly, All staff are fully qualified and professional and all younger classes have an additional assistant to help guide the children during the class.


How many classes should my child take a week?

This is mainly based on the individual interest and how much you feel you and your child can do. We have pupils that take only one class per week to full time students who dance every day. You know your child best and if you think they have the interest, time and energy to take more than one class a week, then we would be happy to discuss the best combination of classes for you. For example taking a Ballet class and jazz or tap class a week is a very common scenario starting age 6 or 7.There are also pupils who prefer to take 2 to 3 ballet lessons  a week to increase their proficiency in that discipline. We can easily assist you in choosing the right combination of classes dependent on their age strengths and interests.


What is a Dance Exam?

The school enters pupils into the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) for Ballet Tap and Modern Examinations and these are Internationally Recognised syllabi with QVA qualifications.

We have been entering pupils for these exams for the last 15 years with wonderful success for all those that have participated. The standards are very high and we do not enter pupils unless we feel they will have a positive experience. The exam program is designed to give pupils a greater challenge and prepares pupils to exhibit what they have worked on in class and present a solo dance.

The exam itself is quite formal. The examiner sees two to three pupils at a time in the studio, and asks them to perform a variety of the expected dance steps. There are no teachers in the exam room.

You may have realised by now, that not every pupil in the school would benefit from the exam situation. Therefore, we select pupils only when they are ready and at the Principals discretion and also ask Parents to consider their own child's personality as well. A Pupil maybe become eligible for an exam at any stage in their dance training and conversely pupils may not be ready at the time exams are being taken.

The purpose of exam is to offer the pupils some standard and objective evaluation of their work during their training. If exams are not for your child please know that your child will continue to progress through the particular discipline regardless of whether or not they take an exam.


What do I need to know about the schools Bi Annual show?

Every pupil from the age of 3 up wards is encouraged to perform at the 2 shows held at the Basildon Theatre Bi Annually. Your child will only dance in one number if they only take one class a week but if they take more they will dance in more numbers respectively. Costumes are purchased by the parents and information regarding these is provided the term before the actual show we aim to keep the costs as reasonable as possible while still providing an appropriate and effective costume. Parents purchase tickets through the Schools own Box Office and the tickets are on a first come first basis. Every pupil gets the opportunity to familiarize and rehearse during the course of the show week and all pupils are chaperoned throughout their time in the theatre. It is the most exciting week of the year for everyone, filled with memories you will cherish for years to come.