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Testimonial 1


Our daughter who is seven years old has been attending Adagio School Of Dance for just over a year that is after leaving another dance school where she had been having ballet lessons since she was just three and half.

However, the achievements and progress she has made in this short time have been amazing and we cannot thank Adagio School of Dance enough. From the very warm welcome on the 1 st lesson, through to being invited to take part in a fantastic summer show, to representing the school by taking part in festivals across the region and also a 1st exam completed with a result of distinction has all been fantastic.

We are so proud of it all and it is lovely to see our daughter's confidence and joy of her hobby flourish so much.

Adagio School,of Dance is an excellent dance school with a warm, happy and friendly environment. It offers discipline and professionalism but also lots of fun.

Mrs Patching is an extremely skilled, passionate and dedicated teacher and this is mirrored in her team of teachers.

We are so pleased our daughter is a member of Adagio School of Dance.

Mr& Mrs C.


Testimonial 2

Our child has been at Adagio School of Dance now for sixteen months. From the first moment of telephoning the Administration office and being pleasantly surprised with the initial reception and helpfullness my daughter joined the school immediately.

The welcome we recieved from the school's Principal was very warm,welcoming and made my daughter feel at ease on her first day straight away. It was very much appreiciated that the school Prinicipal greeted us in this manner and has continued to ever since.

My daughter settled in instantly at this school and we are very pleased with everything from the class times to standard of teaching. Within two months we felt that there was an instant progression in our daughters dancing.

We joined just before the bi-annual show in June and was made to feel very included and part of the show. it was made very easy for my daughter to slot in and be part of this speactacular event.

The first show was amazing, I have never been part of anything like it before, and it was a pleasure to be part of it. The standard of the dancing in the show was outstanding, it inspired my daughter to see what she could achieve in the future.

Our daughter was asked to take her Pre Primary Ballet Exam which was taken in the September, she was given so much encouragement and guidance to achieve this to a high standard, which she did with an "A" distinction grade. She has now taken two other exams and also enjoyed this experience.

We have only been at the Adagio School of Dance for sixteen months but are exceptionally pleased with the progression our daughter has made at this dancing school. The professionalism, enthusiasm,and passion that the school Principal has for her pupils is outstanding, along with her team of teachers and is above anything I have expereinced before.There is plenty of encouragement for our child to succeed in all aspects of her dancing, learning expereince.

 Mr And Mrs P Croxall



Testimonal 3

Amelia (11years) and Tom (13years) have been attending Adagio School of Dance, since they were two and five years old respectively. They love every aspect of the school, which offers a wide variety of dance classes and many opportunities to perform in festivals and competitions throughout the year. They even love doing their exams, (which they certainly don't enjoy at school!) They especially look forward to the bi-annual show that Adagio School of Dance pupils are encouraged to take part in. They, like every other pupil in the school, can't wait for the show and relish the experience of performing in a proper theatre!

Adagio School of Dance is in equal measures fun and friendly but also professional and disciplined, it has the perfect atmosphere for children to grow and flourish both mentally and physically.  The school is run to an extremely high standard and Mrs Patching and her teachers really do put their all into making it a wonderful place for the pupils to learn.

Amelia and Tom have benefited so much from the wonderful tuition that Mrs Patching offers. Over the years she has transformed them from the shy quiet children that first came to Adagio, to the confident and outgoing individuals that they are today.

We cannot thank you enough Mrs Patching for your infinite support,enthusiasm and above all patience!

With Thanks

Mr and Mrs Holdsworth


Testimonial 4

Erin, my daughter, joined Adagio School of Dance at the age of 11.  I only wish we had found Adagio before! 

In her 5 years at Adagio, I have seen Erin transform before my eyes from a quiet, shy little girl into a confident, vibrant teenager with a real passion for dance and performing.

The tireless dedication and excellent teaching, from Mrs Patching together with her constant guidance and reassurance have enabled Erin to begin to realise her dream - entering into full-time ballet training. 

The high standards and expectations, attention to detail and exacting training prepared Erin well for her challenging, extremely competitive and sometimes gruelling auditions.

Adagio has provided endless opportunities on stage to fuel Erin's desire to dance, be it at the bi-annual shows, festivals, awards and exhibitions.  There is definitely something for everyone!

The scholars programme was a real turning point for Erin and it was through these classes that a love of dance developed into her career aspiration.  The intense training coupled with the chance to be taught by eminent guest teachers was just a dream come true for her.

It is with some sadness that Erin leaves the wonderful community spirit which is apparent for all to see and the real sense of belonging that exists at Adagio, but she leaves well equipped for her future challenges at ballet school.  She will certainly keep in touch; seeking  Mrs Patching's opinions and approval on her future dancing endeavours, I feel sure, as I am very much of the opinion;

'Once you are a part of Adagio, you'll always be a part of Adagio'  


Margaret Lucid

Testimonial 5

My 12 year old daughter Emma began dancing at Adagio School of Dance when she was 5 years old. 

During her time there she has grown in confidence and blossomed as a dancer due to the outstanding teaching and dedication of Mrs. Patching and her team.

The school's atmosphere is immensely professional with teachers recognising each student's individual strengths and encouraging them at their own pace. The school has a unique strength of being able to balance fun and discipline side by side. There are regular 'guest' teachers, many of whom have previously danced at highly recognised ballet/dance companies.

The older students are always happy to follow the Principals example and take time to assist younger student's, not only in dancing but tying of ribbons and laces!

Emma has participated in many Festival competitions as well as specialised events. This has given her the chance to showcase all her hours of hard work and gain the confidence to perform regularly to an audience.

Adagio is not just a fantastic dance school but a continual life lesson of teamwork, respect and lifelong friendships."

Mrs S Green