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Nursery Ballet

Nursery Ballet is all about experiencing the magic and wonder of music and dance this class is designed to introduce very basic dance steps in a fun way, in the class we incorporate dance steps with the use of props and games which will help enable your toddler to learn counting, follow the leader. parts of the body. jumping and all importantly use of their imagination.

Pre Steps Ballet

Pre steps ballet is a Preliminary class before grade examinations which is designed to challenge your 4 to 5 year old. In this class your child is gently introduced to the art of classical ballet with imagination and basic movements, marching, skipping, and pointing their toes along with posture and awareness which encourages co-ordination creativity and rhythm. This specially devised program is to encourage all  the above plus self-esteem and confidence.


Classical Ballet - This is the foundation of all other dance forms. Adagio promotes this discipline foremostly, although classes are not compulsory. For young children, age 2 to 3 years,  we offer Nursery Ballet and from 4 to 5 years Pre Steps Ballet as a  gentle introduction, progressing at the age of 6 to Pre Primary ballet. From Beginner to Advanced Level the Adagio School of Dance offers a wide range of classes for Any new Student. All teachers are highly qualified who bring years of experience to each class in order to safely guide students through the art of Classical Ballet. Pupils  follow the Internationally Recognised ISTD graded syllabus.


Modern Dance - Following the Internationally Recognised ISTD Graded Syllabus, pupils from the age of 6 can enjoy this freer form of dance. These popular classes offer a varied and fun way to develop creativity and expression through dance, both individually and as part of a group.


Tap Dance - Starting with 'Teenie Tappers' at the age of 4, this class is designed as a gentle introduction to Tap which has the emphasis on fun but also challenging not only for the feet but the mind and helps to develop motor skillsand balance.Teenie Tappers is a class where your child can explore how thier feet can be like playing drums with different sounds and rhythms which itself can be alot of fun.

As the children  progress, tap dancing helps them to develop an acute sense of rhythm and co-ordination to music. Pupils follow the ISTD graded syllabus as appropriate. Our relaxed adult classes offer a great way to get into shape and keep fit.

Mini Movers - Is a specially designed program to expose your child to a contemporary dance style using music that spans the 20th century to today's hits this a free form dance style that incorporates Turns, Jumps and Isolations. The class is devised to develop rhythm and difference styles  from Abba to Beiber and most of all fun and confidence.

Jazz - These classes offer children from the age of 6 an opportunity to study modern dance without the structure of a syllabus. Starting with a warm up and limbering, followed by combinations of fast thinking steps, pupils are encouraged to explore all aspects of modern dance.

Hip Hop - This is a cultural movement that emerged in the 1970's and covers a style of music, dance, dress and behaviour. In Hip Hop dance, terms such as Breakin', Top Rocking, Locking, Popping and Floor Rocking are often used. Now in mainstream dance, Hip Hop is being influenced further through fusions with other dance styles, eg. contemporary dance. At Adagio, Miss Amy and Miss Jodie incorporates all of the above in their classes, making them great fun and accessible to all.


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