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Erin, age 12 - ' The awards were a great experience. I was nervous in the heats because I knew I had to get to the final. I was so relieved when they called out my number meaning I was through! The final was much harder because everyone had the same chance to win. My body was aching from standing still so long while the other rows were dancing. When I heard my name called for the 'Classwork Prize' I was really pleased. I hope to get the chance to do the ballet awards again.'







Emma Green aged 9

I was very excited but nervous to do The Grade 3 Ballet Awards in March.

We all travelled down to the theatre on a coach which was good fun being with all my friends. I really wanted to get into the final so I worked as hard as I could trying to remember everything I had been taught. I was really happy when they called my number 107 to get into the final. However I knew that I now had to work even harder! In the final my legs were aching from standing so still all the time and everyone else looked really good.When they did the judging and called my name for 2nd place I couldn't believe it. I was so happy.It was a great experience and I made some new friends backstage.I hope I will get the chance to do them again.